Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beaded Socks

I made these cute socks for my nieces. I was saving them for birthdays, but then the 4th came along and I had to do some red, white, and blue ones. I love them. They're really easy (basically, just a chain crochet stitch) and really fast (a few hours and you have some snazzy socks!)

These are the instructions I used, but there are so many out there! I just did a Google search and came up with lots of different styles. Oh - and it may just be me, but I used a lot more beads than the instructions said, so make sure you string extra!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy, busy!

I have had lots of baby showers to go to recently so I've been sewing a lot for them. It's been so much fun! I would sew all day long if I could! On a side note, my best friend Susan and I are going to start a little etsy shop selling our baby gear. I like to make slings, nursing covers, appliqued/ ruffles onesies and baby legs. Susan does great diaper bags, purses, nursing covers and burp rags. I'll let everyone know how that is going! But back to the pictures:

I made this nursing cover for my friend Katie
with a burp rag corner sewn in
Matching quilted card for her

These are from my phone= poor quality
This was for my friend Savannah
Burp rag corner
Made these baby legs for my chubby bubby.
Once again, bad photos. The colors are really much prettier!
Susan and her mom made me an AMAZING diaper bag out of these fabrics
so as a thank you to her mom, I made this quilted card out of the scraps

Made this card for my MIL's birthday. 
I made myself a baby sling to replace the one in the Yukon. I created my own tutorial for it! I'm so proud! Photos to come! 
Thanks for looking!

G-I-R-A-F-F-E, Giraffe, Giraffe, Giraffe

Isn't he cute?! Thanks to my SIL Lisa who found the pattern here
I really am loving it. This was for a friend's baby so I'm going to have to make another one for my baby

By the way, the title is a song. I'm really not crazy