Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm proud

I finally finished a project I've been working on since December about a month ago, but just getting around to working on it.  And since my playroom is actually clean at this very moment, I decided to take a picture and post.

As part of my work with Lucy, I was helping to stage a home she was trying to sell.  The owner wanted to get rid of this really tall bookshelf  I told her I would take it, since I always have books that need shelves :) 
Once I got it home, I decided I wanted to use it in my playroom, but thought it would be silly to have a bookshelf that the kiddo couldn't reach most of the things.  So I lay it down on it's side.  I used the anchor shelves and drilled holes using Jared's Dremmel tool.  As you can see in this picture, I used a T-square and level to draw a straight line, then tried to drill in the middle of the line.  
 I'm pretty happy with it, and it hold most of Paul's toys.
P.S. The black and purple toy holders are from IKEA.  The purple were four for 2 or 3 dollars, and the black ones from 2 a piece, I think.