Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Knit Kimono

Poor, neglected Mini Frippery! I will post on you! 
I love crocheting and I'm pretty good at it. But I have always wanted to be able to knit. I think it looks more professional and intricate. Well, welcome to my first every knitting project! It's a little blue kimono, just in time for it to get hot again in Tucson 

It's funny, I started this about 6 months ago, came to a wall, where I COULD NOT understand what the pattern was saying, so I put it away. I brought it out a week or two ago and Voila! Miraculously, I understood. Once I got past that little bump in the road, this was a fairly easy project. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out for a beginner. I spend hours on Lion Brand yarn's website, pouring over patterns. It is very addicting. It's where I get most of my projects from. Check it out!