Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Owl Hat

Yes, I caught on to the craze. These are just so darn cute!!! I found a really cute free pattern on Ravelry. Hers is much cuter than mine, but I still like it

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crochet-top Dishtowels

Hi all! LONG time, no post. I have been crafting, but have also been incredibly lazy at documenting said crafting. Trying to be better. 
Annette bequeathed me two darling dishtowels, one of this embroidered owl in a tea pot (don't ask me what he was doing there...) and a cute little Mexican girl wearing an over-sized sombrero doing the wash. I found a breezy tutorial on crochet top dishtowels, Pinned it and voila! I used left over cotton yarn and a button I had around. Took me 20 minutes, not including the pesky hemstitching I had to do to the top, by hand. >:-/ Wish I had a hemstitching machine. I love this style because you can hang it up on your oven door handle and you won't have dishtowels falling to the ground every time you dry your hands. Can't wait to start the other dishtowel!
Sorry for the poor quality, camera phone.