Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Felt Book

Poor, neglected Mini Frippery. Well, if any of you are like me, there has just been no time for crafts! Especially now during school, finals coming up, and the holidays. But I felt sorry for the blog, it hasn't had attention in a while, so I thought I'd post something.

I actually made this a long time ago, for my niece's first birthday. But I realized I hadn't posted it and the pictures were already on my computer and Afton is Finally enough of all the talk, here's some pictures. 

Anya's Felt Matching Book

All of the things have a small piece of velcro on them. I just got the stick-on kind, and I don't think that's the best for felt, but I didn't want to sew through the letters.

{Finger Puppets}

{these were the hardest to sew on cause of all the sharp turn and curves}

{My favorite one, although it took the longest}

So there's another Felt book for you. I'm obsessed with felt and I can't wait to make more.