Monday, July 28, 2008

Great Giveaway

I love a good giveaway and this one is no exception. There's some gooood stuff on this blog. Go check it out here.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Multi-stripe baby quilt: finished!

I finally finished a multi-stripe baby quilt from beginning to end yesterday. Thanks to the village shop's tutorial, it turned out pretty cute. I can't wait to give it to the recipient!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Craft Weekend Warm-up

Chelsea and I warmed up our crafting muscles for the big craft day tomorrow. I also broke in my new machine. I got it because my old one is a 1950's singer and it does a fabulous straight stitch, but nothing else... so this machine can do some applique, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. So far, I love it, even though it's not the fanciest machine on the block. I finally got around to doing a baby girl quilt top that I've had the fabric for for quite awile. This is just the quilt top, so I'll post it when it's quilted and bound, but I love the fabric. This is from the village shop's blog and it's called multi-stripe baby quilt. It's soooo easy. I think it took my an hour and 45 minutes total.
Chelsea and I made 3 nursing covers for Sylvia's daughter in law's (step daughters?? I don't know what to call them). I chose the fabric and cut them out, and chelsea did the sewing. I wanted to keep the polka dotted one for myself. Chelsea also made some Stardust cloth baby shoes from the scraps of my baby quilt I made and from the nursing covers. I love the quilted shoes! Definitely going to have to try that again. After seeing these cute polka dotted shoes, I was really mad I didn't buy more of that fabric. I love it.
A boxy bag that I loved so much that she gave it to me :)

My fam bought this yarn at Sin City Yarn in San Francisco while they were on vacation. It was my dad's idea for Chelsea to make a scarf for Grandma out of it because she looooooves soft things and the color green. It was $15 bucks a skein (yowza!) and it took 3 skeins, but it is literally the softest thing I have ever felt.
And here's the lady herself modeling it:

Heather Bailey's Online Store

Yay!! Heather Bailey's is opening her online store!! And what's better is that if you order before August 12 (the day of her Grand Opening), you get 10% off your entire order! I'm definitely going to check it out...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Carseat Blanket

This was the first attempt at a car seat blanket. I didn't use a pattern, just used a blanket that was Sam's, and made a change to account for the straps being different in the new carseats. I'll try and get instructions posted soon, but here is the picture.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nursing Cover

I never posted this because it's been in use too much to photograph, but I highly recommend this tutorial to anyone interested in making one either for yourself or for an expectant mama. Super easy to make and soooo nice to have for nursing...much better than a blanket.
I am obsessed with paisley, and this was the ONLY paisley print in the WHOLE store, and since I bought the fabric the day I had the baby, I wasn't really in the mood to go to another store with my swollen feet and belly! :) But I think it's cute nonetheless.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fishing Game

I finished this almost a month ago but never posted it. I got the idea from Whip Up and it was super easy and fast-perfect for beginner sewers and let's be honest...what kid doesn't love fishing games?! I made my fishing game with rainbow Ric Rac and bright fun colors. I had to look in many a store to find something magnetic for the eyes, but I finally ended up with fancy sparkly brads for scrapbooking after I walked up and down every aisle at the craft store with a magnet in hand checking every button, snap and brad! (I'm not joking)
The brads worked well, but I found with the first set I made for my niece that it was still a little hard for really young kids to get the fish all the way out of the "water", so this time I put little magnets between the two brads on the inside of the fish before I sewed it up and that works really well.
I also finished a baby shower gift for a friend...2 burpies ans some cloth shoes. These are my standard baby gifts any more so I hope you don't get sick of seeing them! I love the fabric for the shoes. Is the fabric too girly with the flowers? Hope not...

Monday, July 14, 2008

So I love If you haven't tried it, you definitely should. You can edit, enhance, add text, crop and do all sorts of things to your pictures. For example, I hate this picture I took with my phone, but check it out after picnik-ing:
okay so I went a little overboard with the color correction, but you get the idea...

Project Gallery

I'm trying to transfer over all of my craft projects that I orriginally posted on my family blog, so bear with me if you've seen these before! Here's the teddy I crocheted. It's 12" and is made with thin chenille yarn. It was a fairly difficult pattern. I'm glad I did it, but probably wouldn't do it again! (I'm into instant gratification projects anymore...) Here's the Itty Bitty Baby Dress from Made by Rae. I made the larger of the two sizes and it's still a little big for my now 9 pounder. Some Stardust cloth baby shoes and a Heather Bailey headband to match.
My Black Apple Doll that I named Fiona (Apple) :)
More Stardust cloth baby shoes
Tag Blankie
Baby burp cloths A la Jill. I've made too many of these to post again, but this fabric was my favorite!
A Martha Stewart Patchwork Quilt

A crazy 9 patch crib quilt

And last but not least, I bought this crochet pattern from Nikki Painter on

Blessing Afghan

Although I started this about 10 months ago, I just finished this afghan for the baby blessing the night before. The pattern comes from Vanna White's A to Z crochet that I inherited from Grandma, It was easier than it looked and turned out really soft with TLC's plush yarn that I used. You're supposed to thread ribbon between each section, but I liked it how it was.

Also, Molly at the Village Shop blog had a quilt pattern giveaway, and I won it! I'm so excited to make this cute Princess and the Pea quilt. It has a bunch of fabric mattresses stacked on top of each other with a "P" at the bottom.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome Friends!

Welcome to my new crafty-blog. Because my family blog was getting over-run by crafty stuff, I have split them up. Me and my crafty family members and friends will post our projects, tutorials and all things crafty. Feel free to stop in any time!