Monday, July 14, 2008

Blessing Afghan

Although I started this about 10 months ago, I just finished this afghan for the baby blessing the night before. The pattern comes from Vanna White's A to Z crochet that I inherited from Grandma, It was easier than it looked and turned out really soft with TLC's plush yarn that I used. You're supposed to thread ribbon between each section, but I liked it how it was.

Also, Molly at the Village Shop blog had a quilt pattern giveaway, and I won it! I'm so excited to make this cute Princess and the Pea quilt. It has a bunch of fabric mattresses stacked on top of each other with a "P" at the bottom.


Lola said...

I am just learning to crochet, but I'm pretty much teaching myself......It'll be a LONG time before I attempt anything like that gorgeous afghan!! (that was one long, run on sentence!)

Lorrie McNeal said...

Hi, I have the VW book with the pattern, but I can't locate it!!! I need to make this blanket for an upcoming baby shower in 20 days! Can you PLEASE send me the pattern? I've tried finding the pattern every and you're the first to have it. I would be so appreciative!

Lorrie (