Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fishing Game

I finished this almost a month ago but never posted it. I got the idea from Whip Up and it was super easy and fast-perfect for beginner sewers and let's be honest...what kid doesn't love fishing games?! I made my fishing game with rainbow Ric Rac and bright fun colors. I had to look in many a store to find something magnetic for the eyes, but I finally ended up with fancy sparkly brads for scrapbooking after I walked up and down every aisle at the craft store with a magnet in hand checking every button, snap and brad! (I'm not joking)
The brads worked well, but I found with the first set I made for my niece that it was still a little hard for really young kids to get the fish all the way out of the "water", so this time I put little magnets between the two brads on the inside of the fish before I sewed it up and that works really well.
I also finished a baby shower gift for a friend...2 burpies ans some cloth shoes. These are my standard baby gifts any more so I hope you don't get sick of seeing them! I love the fabric for the shoes. Is the fabric too girly with the flowers? Hope not...

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