Friday, July 25, 2008

Craft Weekend Warm-up

Chelsea and I warmed up our crafting muscles for the big craft day tomorrow. I also broke in my new machine. I got it because my old one is a 1950's singer and it does a fabulous straight stitch, but nothing else... so this machine can do some applique, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. So far, I love it, even though it's not the fanciest machine on the block. I finally got around to doing a baby girl quilt top that I've had the fabric for for quite awile. This is just the quilt top, so I'll post it when it's quilted and bound, but I love the fabric. This is from the village shop's blog and it's called multi-stripe baby quilt. It's soooo easy. I think it took my an hour and 45 minutes total.
Chelsea and I made 3 nursing covers for Sylvia's daughter in law's (step daughters?? I don't know what to call them). I chose the fabric and cut them out, and chelsea did the sewing. I wanted to keep the polka dotted one for myself. Chelsea also made some Stardust cloth baby shoes from the scraps of my baby quilt I made and from the nursing covers. I love the quilted shoes! Definitely going to have to try that again. After seeing these cute polka dotted shoes, I was really mad I didn't buy more of that fabric. I love it.
A boxy bag that I loved so much that she gave it to me :)

My fam bought this yarn at Sin City Yarn in San Francisco while they were on vacation. It was my dad's idea for Chelsea to make a scarf for Grandma out of it because she looooooves soft things and the color green. It was $15 bucks a skein (yowza!) and it took 3 skeins, but it is literally the softest thing I have ever felt.
And here's the lady herself modeling it:


It's Miller Time said...

How exactly does one break in a sewing machine. Turn all the knobs? Take it for a jog? Pilates for sewing machines? I'd like to see that.

Natchel said...

ohhhh Grandma.. what a ham! :) And what kind of sewing machine is that Shay? I need a new one because a) it was like 80 bucks 5 years ago and b) my bobbin winder is broken=hassle!

coryshay said...

My machine is a Singer Confidence (as featured on Martha of course) They have a newer one out called the curvy that the only difference is that it's easier to thread and the pink panel is curved at the top for $100 more but I said no to that option! It really does everything I'll ever need to do. Good luck with the machine shopping!

Jamie said...

WOW. Nice work. Love it all.