Monday, September 29, 2008

Ode to a finished project

I finally finished two projects this last weekend (only because they didn't take that long to begin with although it took me about triple the amount of time it should have) And also here are some other projects that got finished this weekend. I first posted pictures of the fabric for Lexie's graduation quilt on April 29th (I'm not kidding...) And she finally finished it on Saturday! Here she is resting her tired quilting head on the machine for emotional support...And here's the happy quilter with her first ever made-by-her quilt! Congrats lex! It's so darling!Close up of the quiltingAmalie made this out of scraps lying around her house for my bebe...Thanks Amalie!
And last but not least, I made this for the bebe to wear when she goes with me to the studio to choreograph...She's got to fit in with the other dancers!Notice her ballet slipper socks, too! If the thought of putting on a tutu again didn't fill me with dread I'd get our pictures together, but her chubby legs are much cuter than mine!


Jamie said...

Love all the projects - especially that adorable tutu!

Natchel said...

Wow. I think the hormones are gettin to me because that picture of Kelly and Jocey made me tear up!!

AdrianeS said...

Awww adorable!!