Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Operation: finish all projects

I'm the queen at starting projects and then never finishing them, so I have been trying to actually finish all my unfinished projects before I move on to the next thing... I just love how crinkly these turned out! This first one is the finished product of this tutorialclose up of the quilting. This second quilt is done from this tutorial. This one is for my own bebe...I love how it turned out. Hopefully it will be a good lovey for her!


Tyson and Chelsea said...

Those are great! one for me right? Now could you come and finish all of my projects?

Amalie said...

they turned out soooooooo cute. I am so happy for you that they are all finished. Now I need to take mine and get them all done too!

AdrianeS said...

Wow, beautiful work!