Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paper Bag Album Tutorial

Yay! My first Tutorial!! Good thing it's an easy one. Anyway, here's how you make the paper bag photo album:

  • 3 Regular paper lunch sacks
  • Ribbon
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Hole punch

  • eyelets
  • brads
  • stamps
  • Stapler

Take your three paper sacks, fold them in the middle and punch 3 (or however many you want) holes on the folded edge. You can also just staple the end if you don't want to do the holes.

Open the bags and stack them on each other alternating the open ends of the paper bag.

Then close them like a book and tie a ribbon through each hole, or staple it closed or you can also do brads or eyelets or eyelets and ribbon. 

Cut out 12 5x5 pieces of paper, and 3 slightly smaller pieces of paper.

Decorate the pages and glue them straight onto the bag.

The three slightly smaller pages are the ones that will go into the open ends of the paper bags. Just cut them 5x5 and trim a little bit off.

Decorate them and staple a ribbon to the page (or punch a hole and tie a ribbon through it), so you can pull the page out. These 3 pages are good for journaling or just more pictures.

I love making these. They even make good gifts :)
Thanks for letting me do a tutorial.


annette said...

Chelsea you are quite the crafter. I'm thinking these would be fun to do at girls camp. Do you think it would work?

Tyson and Chelsea said...

That's where I did my first one and it was so fun. I would say definitely do it.

coryshay said...

great tute Chels!! Thanks fot sharing!

wendy said...

You did such a good job on your tute that I can do it at home and it is easy enough that my kids can do it as a craft. Thanks. Great stuff.