Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 in Crafts

Last year I made a few things and I thought I'd post them here in summary. These aren't all of them but most of them. I didn't have pics of the other ones.

Solas Caomh Blanket. I started this in 2011 but finished it in 2012 so I'll count it. 

I made a few pumpkin beanies for the kiddos. Super easy and cute. Not crocheted in the round.

I made this Fast Easy Crochet Blanket for Anna's baby. It lived up to it's name. I really liked this one.

Made this cute little Snutterfiltar for Baby Oli for Christmas. So cute and easy but you'll need google translate for the pattern

This Basketweave Blanket was for Oli too 

Made this cute ghostie cocoon using the Chili pepper pattern. Just made the hat like the bottom of the cocoon and added my own embellishments.  Sadly it was too small for the recipient by the time Halloween came.


This is a bad picture but it's a really cool pattern but I'd do more contrasting colors next time.
This is a two-sided afghan


I love this tunisian smock stitch blanket (I love tunisian). I did a different border on this one than pictured that looked a lot better.  


This one is my favorite but it's still a WIP. It's the Twin Leaf Knit blanket and it was my first big knitting project. It's not hard, it just takes longer than crochet.

And then there are the many hats that I knit. I learned that knitting hats is a bit addicting for me.


English Diamond Hat (not my favorite)


Preemie hats (I made a ton of these and the heart one was my favorite baby hats so far, but they fit more a newborn size, not preemie, which was good for me)

Crocheted this Owl Hat earlier in the year


Easy Peasy hat. Even though this is by far the simplest,  easiest hat to knit, I think it's really my favorite baby hat so far. I learned how to do the knitting magic loop on this one. It's a good one to learn on.

so moral of the story is, I'm a craftaholic and am now addicted to knitting. I'm even starting another baby blanket (yes, before my other is finished).


Jamie said...

So cute! I love them all! I'm adding all your links to my pinterest Yarn board for later! Thanks for sharing! I have yet to post my 2012 crochet projects!

coryshay said...

Love it! I am going to be like you when I grow up!

Elaine Brown Billings said...

I love all your projects. I haven't seen some of them.

Amanda Miller said...

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!