Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencil Pillow

Here is some more Freezer Paper Stenciling.  I loved what Chelsea did with hers, so I decided to give it a try for my SIL's birthday coming up.  I love all the numbers people have been using in decorating lately and how they put them in unexpected places, and I know my SIL has been into it as well, so I decided to do a number 5 pillow (she has 5 people in her family).  A few people asked for more detail on how to use Freezer Paper for Stencils.  There are tons of great tutorials online, so this is just the basics, but there really isn't much to it.

You can print right on Freezer Paper.  I found that out after I printed it out on regular paper, cut it out, and then traced it onto the freezer paper, but either way works just fine.  Just make sure you have the wax side down, paper side up.  Cut out your stencil with an exacto or whatever you have handy.

Then you put your iron on the temperature it needs to be for the fabric you are using and iron the stencil on the right side of the fabric, and iron some more to the back side, so it can catch any leaking from the paint.  Just remember that the wax side should be against the fabric.  Press it on really well (don't iron, press).  Then paint your fabric paint on and let it dry completely before you peel the freezer paper off.  Then turn the fabric paint side down and press again so you can heat set the fabric paint.  Then use it for whatever you want.  In my case, I made a pillow with unbleached cotton.

put a pretty bow on it, and give it away! I'm making myself a number 3 pillow and a lumbar pillow that says Nest on it (a la pottery barn)... I'll post then when they get done.

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