Friday, June 24, 2011

Repurposed shirt quilt

I finally made something!!!!  Remember how I used to make lots of things?   It is a distant memory at this point, but I did do something!

I made this baby boy quilt from his Daddy's old button up plaid shirts.

 I cut up the back piece into the biggest rectangle I could make and then cut it in half lengthwise.  Then each was cut up into 3.5" strips and sewn together to make the columns.  The sashing and backing was from a white sheet that we don't use anymore.  The sashing was also 3.5".  I machine quilted it with a walking foot-just a simple stitch in the ditch.  For the binding, I pieced together different lengths of 3.5" width shirt fabric.  If you cut up the very top of the back, right underneath the collar, the fabric is doubled, so you only have to cut once to get 2 pieces.

Pretty simple, but with lots of significance for me and it was nice that it didn't cost anything :).  I can't wait to use it when he gets here!


Amalie said...

oh shayla I love it!!! I remember a long time ago when we were talking about the shirts that you had kept to make a quilt for a little boy and I had wondered what pattern you would use. The coins are awesome and I love how wide you made them. This is such a treasure for your little boy. now I just can't wait for him to get here to see him :)

Tyson and Chelsea said...

I really love this quilt and I love the idea. I think I'll start saving tyson's old shirts

Murlene Brown Watkins said...

"Back in the old days" that's how we made quilts, either from old clothes or from scraps leftover from a sewing project. We (and by 'we' I mean Mom and the other quilters) would never have dreamed of BUYING fabric to make a quilt. :-)